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About Dr. Melisa

A Woman Created to Help Women Leaders Succeed

Wife & Mother

Faith-Based Leader

Spirited Speaker

Life & Business Coach

Trusted Mentor

Corporate Trainer

Practicing Attorney

Lifestyle Influencer


Dr. Melisa A. Hall a.k.a. the “Queen of Empowerment” is an international cutting-edge leader, speaker, coach, mentor, trainer and ordained Minister with a multifaceted background in law, business,government, finance, media, church, and family. Distinguished as a pioneer and trailblazer, Dr. Melisa travels the globe to advance God’s Kingdom by empowering and elevating audiences to a space of transformation, abundance, wealth and fulfillment in every way imaginable. Dr. Melisa is internationally qualified and certified with: 


➢ The John Maxwell Team as an International Coach, Trainer, Teacher & Speaker;
➢ The Jack Canfield Team as a Trainer of the Success Principles;
➢ The Coaching Training Alliance as a Life Coach;
➢ The Bahamas Financial Services Board as an Int’l Certified Financial Planner;
➢ The London School of Mediation as a Mediator
➢ The London Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as an Arbitrator
➢ The Bahamas Real Estate Association as a Licensed Real Estate Agent;
➢ The Image Maker Inc. in Tennessee as an Image, Etiquette & Color Consultant; and
➢ is a Corporate & Commercial Attorney called to the Bar in England and The Bahamas just to name a few. 


She received her official Kingdom Training & Christian Education from the following:
➢ Living Waters Kingdom Ministries-Ministry Training
➢ New Covenant University, Florida –Doctorate in Covenant Leadership;
➢ The Kingdom School of Ministry by Dr. Cindy Trimm;
➢ Leadership Mentorship from The Late Dr. Myles Munroe



She is the CEO of Global Empowerment Services which is a high-level legal & business consultancy firm.Through this firm she offers leadership advice, strategies, solutions, mentorship and training programs for personal, professional and business development worldwide. Her life’s mission and passion is to inspire, influence and impact the lives of leaders so that they can increase their value in the marketplace and their overall effectives in the earth. She specializes in training established and emerging female leaders through her online academy Melisa Hall University, and the International Women in Leadership  Online Training (IWOT). 


Her experience includes managing a multi-million-dollar corporation, providing private wealth management services to multi-millionaires, serving as a Director on Governmental, Church & Civic Organizations in addition to managing other entrepreneurial ventures.


Dr. Melisa is an expert on Marketplace Leadership for Women and offers a specialized training for established and emerging female leaders. She is known for helping women to connect to their personal purpose, uncovering their worth and unlocking their true wealth potential. She founded and facilitated several brands, businesses and events such as Business Money Women Coaching (BMW), the Kingdom Women in Business Network (KWIB), The International Business Money Women Success Conference,Your Image Speaks Workshop, Distinctive Wealth Building Coaching, the Million-heiress product line and Melisa Hall & Co. Law Chambers. 


In 2008 she was named as one of the Top Ten successful businesswoman in The Bahamas in the Tribune and has been featured in the Huffington Post in 2015 an international online news. She knows intimately about the power of speaking your success to build and manifest your dream life. “A life of power, purpose, potential, passion and prosperity”. Hence, she is an amazon #1 best -selling author of her book called Declare Your Dreams; A Guide to commanding the life you want! She also has an e-book called Activate Your Wealth Potential and a Journal called The Distinctive Wealth Lifestyle which covers 5 facets to build true wealth.


She is married to Minister Cedric Hall and they have three children CJ, Nathan and Justice Hall. Her favorite scriptures in the Bible are Proverbs 31:10-31 and Deuteronomy 8:18.

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