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Welcome To Business Money Women Leadership Success & Lifestyle Club

The most affordable high yielding leadership, success & lifestyle membership program for women who desire to:

  • Stay relevant with current business trends;

  • Get rich and reach their goals faster;

  • Have more rewarding experiences doing the things they love;

  • Build great relationships with other like minded women


The Business Money Women Leadership, Success, & Lifestyle Club (The B.M.W. Success Club) offers women access to top level coaching, training and networking. In this club women are given an opportunity to connect collaborate and celebrate with like-minded women who enjoy being in the atmosphere of abundance and appreciate being associated with women of influence and affluence.


Connect with cutting - edge women and become a powerful success magnet no matter what the circumstances

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Dr. Melisa loves helping progressive women to succeed!

Love Helping women succeed
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Joining a community of purpose driven women will be the BEST DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE!
The BMW Success Club is the best place to manifest your dream life.

Here is what Dr. Melisa’s coaching and training clients had to say after coaching with her.
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The B.M.W. Success Club creates opportunities and provide activities for women from all walks of life to be a part of a safe community environment where women can network, learn, prosper and thrive in every area of their lives. Of course, this club will not be all work and no play.  Self-Care, Relaxation, Spa Days, Cruises, Retreat Days and luxurious dining are a must because YOU DESERVE IT!
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Dear Friend,

Are you ready to ELIMINATE the STRESS and STRUGGLE out of your life? Are you tired of being left behind in this fast-paced global economy? Are you tired of simply putting your dreams on hold?


With the B.M.W. Success Club you will finally learn what the top successful people know and do.  You will discover what has been hidden from you all this time.  Haven’t you heard that Successful People Leaves Clues!!!


Well, you are about to be empowered with the latest and up to date information, timely motivation and inspiration so you can apply the prosperity secrets of the rich and success principles to your life for immediate results.


IN THE BMW Success Club you will learn how simple strategies can make a major difference in your life.  You will learn the following:


✔️How to activate your wealthy mindset

✔️How to build your business empire

✔️How your network becomes your net worth

✔️The books you read determines your future success

✔️Products to use to position you to prosper

✔️Places to travel and visit to create an abundance mentality

✔️Technology to use that saves you time and money so you can be more productive and have more success

✔️Goal Setting that works

✔️Why your health is your wealth and inner peace is the new success

✔️Why you deserve to be happy

✔️Legal strategies you need to know to protect your wealth

✔️Financial and Investing Strategies to grow your revenue (Stocks, Bonds, Crypto)

✔️Building Generational Wealth and Retirement/Estate Planning,

✔️Leadership Tips to become more influential

✔️How to Grow your confidence & personal branding

✔️Latest marketing trends and so much more………….



Do you have a business you want to start or grow; do you have a book you want to publish, or do you want an online business?  The B.M.W. Success Club is your turnkey to take you from the life you have to the life you want!!!!!


If you want to surround yourself with people who talk about vision, goals, ideas, travelling, wealth, faith, family, freedom, fashion, nutrition, health, business and how to have a luxe life etc. then this Club is just right for you.


If you are tired of living a life of REGRET because you consistently put your dreams on hold? Do you want more ORDER in your life so you can do more of what you love to do. Are you frustrated because you are trying to do so many things to fulfill your dreams but yet you still feel STUCK & STAGNATED?

If you are still not sure whether the BMW Success Club is right for you. Then listen to what these other clients of Dr. Hall had to say after enrolling in her trainings and coaching classes!

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What sets the BMW Success Club apart from the other clubs is that we cater to the whole woman.  You will receive spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, business and relational empowerment.


Dr. Hall’s goal is to take you from the life you have to the life you want! It’s all possible, but you have to be connected to the right source, the right system, apply the right strategies and get the right support you need from community minded women that want you to win and succeed!!!! It’s time you started enjoying the fruit of your labor.

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The Membership is valued at $4997

You can join for a small fraction!


Create your ABUNDANT LIFE NOW!...... Yearly Membership Special for only $550.00 when you pay in full or $50.00 monthly!

  • Monthly Live Coaching every month we will dive into “How To”

  • Empowerment sessions covering various subjects from business, Investing, Marketing, Fashion, Travel and so much more to help you Cultivate an abundance mentality

  • Access to Group Activities with discounted rates at live events.

  • Monthly Meet Up in person session in an atmosphere of abundance to discuss What is NEW, NEXT and NOW!

  • N.B. Cost of meals or services at sites not included

  • Industry Experts Interviews from time to time we will hear from industry experts on the latest trends and lessons that will help you succeed faster.

Choose A Pricing Option

Annual Rate $550.00

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Annual rate is $600. If you sign up you will receive 1 month free. Today you will pay

Do you prefer another payment alternative you can click here or here to make an online bank transfer.

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