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There is nothing in this life that you cannot have, if you are willing to open your mouth and claim it. When you begin to infuse your words with purpose, passion, and authority, God’s promise for your life is suddenly within your grasp. The abundance, the overflow, the wealth—it’s all rightfully yours. It awaits you. It’s time to see it all finally flourish.

In Declare Your Dreams, Manifestation Coach Dr. Melisa Hall teaches you how to speak life into your most vibrant dreams and deepest desires. In this book, you will learn the importance of training your mind and tapping into the power of your words to release the magnificence of God’s blessings. As you begin to verbally declare your vision for your life, you will touch it. You will see it. You will live it.

Speak Your Power.


Declare Your Dreams E-Book & Audio Coaching Session

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